Making the Most of Keno Online in a Canada Casino Site

If you have never played online keno, then rest assured that you can learn it in just a matter of minutes. In a nutshell, this is a game that takes parts of a traditional lotto and parts of standard bingo and mixes them together in one offering that is profitable for a casino. There are many different variations in things such as the number of balls and the number of picks, but the actual payout percentages can vary greatly, as well.

Online keno has a pretty substantial house edge, and this simply means that you are more likely to lose than you are to win. However, despite this fact, there are still thousands of people out there who are loyal to the game and who claim that it is actually quite profitable for them. There is no way that it will ever enjoy the same popularity as poker, slots, or even blackjack, but the people who enjoy it are very passionate about it and will often carry lucky charms with them to the casino or sit them on their computer desks prior to starting their sessions.

In most cases, you will purchase a ticket that has 80 different numbers on it corresponding to the 80 different balls that are in the hopper. You can make anywhere between one and 20 "picks" prior to the start of the game. The croupier will pull out 20 of these, and the more you match, the more you can win. Since payout tables vary drastically, the payout you receive for matching six of these at Venue A will likely be much different than what you receive for the same win at Casino B.

If you are looking for a Canada casino site that offers up some excellent choices in online keno, then head over to Europa Casino and take a look around. They will give you a welcome bonus worth as much as $2,400 when you create an account and make a deposit with them, and they also offer up some fantastic keno titles such as Keno Fortune which provides a top prize of 10,000 your original bet! That's a lot of money and although the odds of winning it are slim, the excitement and the possibility is certainly always there.