Why a European Casino Travel Guide is So Important

A travel guide is a magazine available on a gambling venue's website. This guide is a user friendly information hub to explain the top destinations and more importantly, top land based casinos in Europe. The guide offers a breakdown of the most popular European countries to visit, the must see hot spots, local culture and other information that make planning a trip easy and entertaining. It is constantly updated, and is full of reviews from readers as well, making it a good resource when planning a vacation. There is also a full advice section, full of tips and tricks to help tourists stay safe during their trips, while still being able to enjoy all the entertainment that their vacation spot has to offer. Closely related to the travel guide, yet in a different industry is the casino portal. GrizzlyGambling: the best online casinos Canada guide offers free games and the latest gambling news. It's a good resource to find exclusive bonuses and relevant information just about everything related to the online casino industry.

Even if the vacation isn't planned around visiting these venues and local gambling hot spots, the Europa Casino Travel Guide, in particular, is great for people looking to experience local cuisine, visit famous locations or see famous people. For people planning a tour of European casinos, though, the guide is invaluable. It offers a comprehensive list of land based gambling centers; the games played at each location, currencies accepted and even local dress code where applicable. There is also a section that covers European Gambling Cruises. These enormous floating cities are managed by crews of over 1200 people and offer a beautiful ocean view as players roll their dice or play their cards.

Europa Casino has long been one of Europe's leading destinations for internet gambling. The website itself offers over 110 games, nearly 20 progressive jackpot games, as well as promotions and VIP programs for players. The venue prides itself in offering full support for all players, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Due to the various countries that the company works with, their player support is available in 13 languages. New members are also eligible for bonuses up to $2,400 free a year. Since Europa offers travel guide information to everyone, they have made it easier for customers and players to extend their gaming experience throughout their European vacation. If you have any questions, please visit our website to learn more and check out the Europa Casino Travel Guide for yourself.